Our Mission

The mission of STAIRS ACADEMY Charter School is to create a safe, nurturing, innovative, challenging and fun learning environment – in collaboration with families and communities – where all can learn and pursue their highest academic and social potential.

Our Vision

STAIRS ACADEMY will be a small, progressive, public charter elementary school, where students and staff engage in meaningful educational experiences, that embody joy, creativity, curiosity, self-expression and compassion. Individuals will be encouraged to express their “voice” and be self-reflective, in a diverse, creative, inspiring space where they feel safe to grow. Families will be active, engaged and welcome partners in their child’s education.

By fostering a self-reflective growth mindset, using innovative strategies and state of the art technologies and attending to the social, emotional, mental and physical needs of our students, we will ensure that State performance standards are met or exceeded. At the same time, online and real-world activities will strengthen multiple intelligences and prepare students to deal with life’s challenges.

By focusing on individuality, self-expression, collaboration and character development, we will raise students who are strong and flexible thinkers, creative, courageous, confident, and compassionate leaders, who can communicate and articulate their ideas with clarity. Our warm, collegial school culture, exciting programming and community involvement will make STAIRS ACADEMY a place adults and children love to come to each day.

Educational Philosophy

Each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, creatively, physically, and socially. Children learn best in an environment where their personal strengths are emphasized; where they are respected; and where their needs are met on a holistic level.

The primary sources of content information are no longer teacher lectures or textbooks. The role of the teacher is to give knowledge and facilitate understanding while maintaining rigor and encouraging creativity. Learning is not limited to what you know, but is dependent upon how to find the information and how to use that information quickly, imaginatively, and cooperatively.

Education is an avenue that will prepare individuals to think for themselves as well as to make moral and ethical decisions. Students need to develop a variety of skills that are essential for success: critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, and communication and collaboration.