Daisy Tiros

Daisy Tiros

Marketing, Outreach, Fundraising

Daisy Tiros’ role during her internship was to market Stairs Academy through social media and through her club ALPFA—Association of Latino Professionals For America. She also played a role in the community outreach team, where she communicated with Spanish-speaking parents to inform them about STAIRS Academy and its events. Daisy’s final role at STAIRS Academy was being a part of the grant writing team, where she researched grants that could help fund the school.

Daisy is a Junior at Brooklyn College majoring in Business Marketing. She has worked as a Data Analyst for CAMBA, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing social services. Daisy was also a teacher’s assistant for CAMBA’s summer program. In the future, she plans to double major in English and find a career where both her marketing and English skills will be put to good use.


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