Are you PASSIONATE about IMPACTING students’ lives?

STAIRS ACADEMY is seeking Interns, Committee Members, potential Board Members and future staff, to assist in preparations for the opening of a NEW INNOVATIVE CHARTER SCHOOL in Brooklyn, NY, with opportunities for FULL TIME and PART TIME Educational, Administrative, Business and Marketing positions.

Are you COMMITTED to helping educate a DIVERSE population of children and 
GROW a new school from the GROUND UP?

We are seeking candidates and interns for the following roles and positions:

Board of Trustees – Administrators – Teachers and Support Staff – Online Promotion – Press & Public Relations – HR – Community Outreach – Marketing – Graphics
Website Management – Events Planning – Fundraising* – Strategic Partnerships
Video / Photography & more
College Credit/Performance Based Incentive Positions available.*
If you would like to join the team, please send an email to or use the contact form below to tell us a little about yourself and what you would bring to the team.

What Interns Had To Say

Since working as part of the team at Stairs Academy, I have increased my skills in Web development and learned new skills, that I will be using in my career.  I’m glad to have had the opportunity to collaborate and express ideas with different individuals doing the internship with me.

Temitope Jinad

Web Dev, Marketing, Research & Statistics

The Internship at Stairs Academy was truly a fulfilling experience. My fellow interns and I worked to progress the school and had a fun time doing it!. Being a Sunset Park native, I want the children to have the same joyful school experience I had when growing up. The fact many of the schools are overcrowded and some will have to travel to different neighborhoods to go to school is quite upsetting. Every child deserves a quality education.

Patrick Ryszkiewicz

Comm. Outreach, HR & Admin, Marketing

I came to this internship knowing very little about the inner workings of WordPress. However, I had knowledge about the inner workings of the web and had programmed pages without all of the abstraction WordPress had to offer. Because of this, I was able to fix many issues that couldn’t have been fixed solely in WordPress. This made me realized that knowledge in any topic will be of use somewhere.

Foster Brown Jr.

Graphics & Web Development

I have enjoyed my time in the STAIRS ACADEMY Internship Program, under Graeme’s leadership. He has given me direction and many skills that I can apply in my future career. This is a great beginning. I feel STAIRS ACADEMY will become one of the best institutes in New York City, always remembered by the people of the neighborhood. I would love to work for the school in the future.

Md Zafar Sadak

IT, Video Editing & Educational Technology